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This is the Swedish Arab Horse Registy’s (ARAB) stud book on the internet. It is still a testversion and the information is updated, though not regularly, from the original register database.

The database contains mainly, but not exclusively, Purebred Arabian horses bred or used for breeding in Sweden (including their ancestors). Included in the database is also Partbred Arabian horses registered with ARAB, and their ancestors.

When searching by part of a name there might come up ancestors to registered arabian crossings. This will be adjusted later.

Any wrongful information is usually due to errors in the transformation from the original register database to this stud book on the internet. If You find anything missing or You feel is wrong, please inform the registrar. You can do this by:


Search technique
Start by entering the name of the horse, or the parts of the name that you know.
Then choose in the list at ”Ways to search”.
Finally choose ”Search”.
In the list shown – click on the name of the horse for which You want to see pedigree or offspring.

Registration numbers (regnr) start with FA for Puredbred Arabians and AK for Partbred Arabians. If a horse doesn't have a registration number it is not registered in our stud book, only noted because it is in the pedigree for a registered horse.

You can also search by the registration number.